Take video sound to the next level!

TagMix takes live video to the next level, instantly enhancing your favourite video moments with pro-quality sound.

TagMix is a user friendly app + instant video rendering service, that captures your favourite video moments and enhances them with pro-quality sound!

We want to help artists connect and share their video experiences, to include the enhanced quality sound you hear in the moment; at a club, party, venue etc. Video content is delivered back to the user with the pre-recorded pro quality audio + relevant venue/ brand/ artist tags and call to action links to Spotify. Want to create enhanced quality videos you’re proud to share? Follow us and join the movement.

Live content creation via the app which is available on IOS and Android compatible.

Video content sent to TagMix servers via Facebook Messenger, Twitter Messenger @tagmix

Content delivered back to the user with high quality audio and relevant venue/brand/artist tags in place and call to action links to Spotify inserted - all in a matter of seconds

User posts content across multiple social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat simultaneously