Share the Music, Not the Noise.

TagMix is a proprietary software solution that has been created to give music fans the best possible video experience at live music events. By replacing poor quality audio recorded on smartphones at concerts, clubs and festivals, with real-time pro-audio, straight from the mixing desk, audience members' most cherished moments can be enhanced at the touch of a button. Taking User Generated Content (UGC) to a whole new level.

TagMix upgrades video clips with pro visual assets and provides track ID’s, with both streaming and social media links, helping fans Share The Moment, in real-time. TagMix not only amplifies UGC, it makes it trackable, benefitting the entire music ecosystem. Whether you are an artist, a fan, a promoter, a venue or a rights owner, be part of the next big thing in live UGC.

Live content creation via the app which is available on IOS and Android compatible.

Video content sent to TagMix servers via Facebook Messenger, Twitter Messenger @tagmix

Content delivered back to the user with high quality audio and relevant venue/brand/artist tags in place and call to action links to Spotify inserted - all in a matter of seconds

User posts content across multiple social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat simultaneously